About Us

Our service is built around long-term relationships with clients who want a dedicated professional allocated to their hair journey with the future of their hair in mind. We love creating glossy blondes, natural colour tones, sunkissed balayage and jaw-dropping waves.

Our team, led by head stylist Renae, are trained to work closely with each client to produce high quality colouring, cutting and styling techniques. Our stylists have ongoing training across all services and styles, without compromising on attention to detail and the health of your hair.


If you’ve come this far, you’ll know that honesty and attention to detail is at the heart of our team’s culture and we pride ourselves on providing a caring, relaxing and enjoyable environment for you.

Studio Lane endeavours to create a friendly setting in our salon, where each client is welcomed, indulged and left with healthy, luxurious hair.

Our Goal

To create an enjoyable, personalised experience for every client and lead the way in thoughtful hair care inspiration, education and creativity.

Meet Our Team


Salon Director

With over 27 years experience, Renae understands the importance of providing quality hair care to new and long-term clients. Renae is best known for achieving challenging colour transformations and passing on her award-winning skills and knowledge to the rest of her team. Renae enjoys the long term and developing friendships that she has made through her journey. She loves creating new looks for her clients with their new styles and training her staff into professional stylists.

Strengths: Communication, Colour correction

Favourite moment in hairdressing: Styling my way through generations of hair, watching my clients grow and change throughout my time as a hairdresser.



Rozzy has passionately collected over 25 years of experience in the salon. Rozzy is best known for her advanced, customisable short hair razor techniques and careful scalp lightening (for those who love a glossy blonde makeover). Let’s be honest, she’s an all-rounder in the salon and her secret power is making every client laugh and feel like her friend.

Strengths: Building relationships, Advanced cutting techniques

Favourite moment in hairdressing: Bonding with other parents about our children and building my client’s confidence up.



Hannah has hit the ground running at Studio Lane, mastering the art of our signature blonde balayage techniques and beachy waves. Hannah loves learning about the science behind colour and enjoys creating her own formulas behind the scenes. Booking in with Hannah means an opportunity for her to grow in the industry and practice her skills at a discounted price. All appointments are overseen by a mentoring stylist to ensure the correct techniques are used.

Strengths: Scalp massages that’ll put even the most anxious minds at ease.

Favourite moment in hairdressing: Colouring and styling a client’s hair for her formal.



Bayley became part of the Studio Lane family in 2020 and he’s currently learning and growing within his role to find his hairdressing speciality. Since starting with Studio Lane, Bayley has dived head-first into the kindness culture and enjoys connecting with clients and learning from some of the best in the industry along the way. Bayley helps our clients get the perfect blow dried beachy waves and Keratin Treatments.

Strengths: Creating a relaxing environment in the salon

Favourite moment in hairdressing: Starting my apprenticeship with Studio Lane and making meaningful connections with clients

Cutting through generations

Salon director and passionate hair care expert, Renae (pictured), has styled and coloured her way through generations of hair, from a client’s formal to their engagement party, to their wedding and baby shower too. Renae’s passion for hairdressing stems from her immaculate communication skills and strong connections she forms with clients.

Even with 25 years of hairdressing under her belt, Renae still enjoys building connections with clients, educating her staff and maintaining Studio Lane as Gold Coast’s friendliest salon.

We believe in sustainability

Studio Lane is proudly part of the Sustainable Salons movement. An organisation that helps us reduce the impact of our salon services on the environment. This includes our Donate a Ponytail initiative, where your freshly cut ponytail will go directly to wigmakers to be turned into charitable wigs for someone in need. Since 2015, over 43,700 ponytails have been collected to make wigs for charity, and we’re proud to be part of that.



Our salon plastic waste is sent to local recyclers where they’re cleaned and repurposed into furniture and new product packaging.


Our foil, colour tubes, magazines, unwanted tools and disposables are sold for recycling. All proceeds go to charities that provide meals for those in need.


Our hair clippings are used to make Hair Booms for soaking up oil spills, as compost in local community gardens and for educational art installations


Our excess chemicals are sent to specialist recycling plants that turn them into recycled water that is repurposed to help with roadworks and construction.

Sustainable Salons is in partnership with Endeavour Foundation. They help create stronger futures for people with a disability by providing purposeful work within our material collection and processing streams.